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What are we doing ?
Interim Management is always used when there is a staff shortage in a company. This can have various reasons, e.g. the sudden illness or leaving of an employee. But in many cases, also a crisis is the reason for the short-term deployment of an external expert who analyzes the situation and takes action within a very short time. Interim Managers are trained to take on direct responsibility and, based on their broad experience, make the first, often imperative, decisions.

We have been successfully working in Interim Management for more than 20 years now and have specialized in mandates for plastics technology. Our focus is on taking over the management or plant management, very often associated with a difficult environment, e.g. restructuring (operational or financial), OEM escalations or post M&A problems. It is not uncommon for individual factories of a large corporation or industrial companies to experience an existential imbalance out of such a situation. That´s why they need help.

There is also some additional information which you can find within this PRESENTATION and this short VIDEO.

Your organization is in trouble ?
Are you missing an important manager? Things get out of control? There is no objective view from the outside?

Then it's time to hire an experienced Interim Manager!

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