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In which areas do we operate ?
There are many reasons for a crisis (lack of leadership, wrong decisions, quality problems, OEM escalations, changes in the market, etc.) and sometimes your own organization is no longer able to cope with the problem. Many of our mandates in the past 20 years have originated from such a crisis, such as:

a plant became unable to deliver | a formerly medium-sized company could not be integrated into a group | the SOP completely failed | the performance (EBIT) became critical | a new start of a plant (Greenfield) got out of control | the house bank requests an expert report according to IDW with subsequent implementation | the culture of a new (foreign) owner meets established, regional perspectives ...
How do we act ?
  • Assuming operational responsibility in the position of
    • CEO, COO, CRO ( with entry in commercial register )
    • Plant Management
  • Analysis of the current situation (quick check)
  • Re-establishment of internal and external communication
  • quick decisions to reverse the current situation
  • team building

What makes us different ?
  • an always neutral, objective view "from outside"
  • committed exclusively to the mandate, solution-oriented
  • we are not consultants, we take operational responsibility
  • we come to go (after the job is done)

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